While we’re thrilled that so many people are now embracing the idea of reclamation through live edge furniture, not all pieces are made the same way. Here, at elpis & wood, we’ve made over 1000 pieces of live edge furniture. It’s all we do, and it’s not a side hobby for us. So we’ve learned the proper way to work with live edge wood and keep raising our standards for our work.

If you’re comparing different makers of live edge furniture, here’s what to look for:

Make sure the wood has been properly dried.  The drying process can’t be rushed. It usually takes 1-5 years to properly dry live edge material. In our journeys, we’ve seen people try to speed up this process and sell pieces made of wood that hasn’t properly dried. They’ll take a piece of wood and rush it into the kiln — and by doing so, they lock the moisture in the wood. Any table made out of improperly dried wood will have a much higher likelihood of warping, cracking, and twisting as it continues to naturally dry in your home. We've acquired tools that test the internal core of the wood, so we know with certainty that the material we use has been dried correctly.  

Wood that’s sourced from the right people, and for the right reasons.  We’ve built relationships and partnered with a very select handful of mills and arborists in the Pacific Northwest. If a tree must come down, we know they hold the same high standards we do.  We do not use wood from trees that were taken down purely for profit. 

Ask the right questions about the process.  A good craftsman of live edge furniture should be able to answer any and all questions about their product — including the finishing process, and the proper care and maintenance of the piece. We’ll take the time to explain everything we do and answer any questions you have. You’ll get a sense of our love for the craft and the pride we take in our work. We feel privileged to have a state of the art finishing facility that allows us to use the most durable finishes.  

You get what you pay for.  Much like other furniture, live edge furniture ranges in price. We at elpis & wood aim to be accessible and competitive in our pricing yet still offer a final product that rivals the best in our industry. From sourcing to delivery, we do not cut corners and strive to create pieces that will last for generations.

We’re with you every step of the way.  Every piece we make tells a unique story, and we want to make sure you know precisely how your new piece of furniture came to be. So we’re happy to have you come to our studio to see how we work. Or if you’re not nearby, call or email us anytime and we’ll respond promptly. Our job isn’t finished until you’re completely satisfied. You can checkout some reviews here

The bottom line: It takes time to do it right.  From the hand-rounded edges and corners to the smallest swirl mark hardly noticeable to the human eye, we see all the details in each individual piece we make. And we take the time to ensure each piece is up to our standards from the drying process to the finished product. We all live in a world of instant gratification, but that’s not the way we do business. Time, patience, dedication, and a healthy obsession with perfection are the keys to making a great piece of elpis & wood furniture. We believe you’ll notice the difference.

Look forward to hearing from you! 
Blake & The Team!