If you want a truly unique piece of live edge furniture art at a tremendous value, search no further.....go see Blake and team at elpis & wood in Everett, WA! They will not do you wrong!
— David Marriott - September 2017
This review is long overdue... I have been slowly remodeling my living room and the very first piece I purchased was this original, unique and simply beautiful maple raw edge coffee table. The process was a bit nervewracking for me because I’ve never made a purchase like this without knowing what exactly I’ll be receiving in the end. But working with Blake was nothing short of the best. He answered all 850 questions (I swear I must have had that many) and he was super responsive, he kept searching until he found the perfect piece for me and was extremely patient when I wasn’t sure. I designed my entire room around this piece and although it’s not the biggest item in the room it’s the number one thing everyone always comments on — it’s just gorgeous! I highly recommend working with elpis & wood and bringing a piece of art like this into your own home!
— Jessica Wren - October 2017
Stopped by today to choose a raw slab that will become the sign for my acupuncture clinic. Blake is a real pro, spent a lot of time explaining wood 101 to me, different types, grains, how they dry, what to look out for, etc. Great conversation. The man knows his stuff and loves his work. The piece I wound up choosing is beautiful, and I can’t be happier. Will come back here in a heartbeat!
— Jeremy Cornish - October 2017
Blake at elpis&wood was great to deal with, super responsive and really listened to what I specifically wanted for my desk. I am more than glad I went with this shop as opposed to somewhere local, despite the distance from me (TX), as the quality and craftsmanship was superb, and again, the service was stellar.
— John Hennan - October 2017
We just received a walnut desk from Elpis&Wood and couldn’t be happier. The desk is gorgeous and delivery was flawless. This purchased exceeded our expectations. You can’t do better in terms of quality and price.
— Paul Johnson - October 2017
I have been hosting a Bible study around the beautiful dining room table you made me for the last couple of months. We have had amazing discussions, shed tears, confessed hard things and just done real life around that table. One night a woman said, “I love this table” and another woman said, “I was just thinking the same thing!” The table is beautiful on its own but it’s the messy, honest, beautiful humanity gathered around it that elevates it to a sacred place. I had that vision the first time I laid eyes on that raw slab of wood in your shop. I’m so grateful for the hands that turned that slab of wood into a beautiful gathering place.
— Jen Lambert