What is reclaimed slab wood?

Live edge natural slab wood starts it’s life in tree form, then log, then it’s milled into slabs. From there it goes through a drying process which includes air drying and then it is professionally kiln dried.  After that it’s re-acclimated from the kiln and into our day to day climate and humidity.

This process removes much of the moisture from the slab which we test and retest through the entire process.  From there the wood is then workable and ready to be turned into an original elpis & wood crafted piece of furniture.  Drying is a primary measure taken to stabilize a piece of wood in hopes of preventing movement like cracking, cupping, bowing etc.

Should you own a slab wood table?

Over the course of a solid wood tables life (or most any wood for that matter) it has a tendency to breath.  This action can cause slight movement in the piece which may result in cracks, slight twisting or cupping, we take precautions through the drying and woodworking process to safeguard our tables from this outcome.  Most of the time very little to nothing happens to a piece but the possibility always exists that it can. These small changes if they occur are not considered a defect. 

Our products reflect and embody nature and we believe this is what attracts people to them. If having a completely natural product appeals to you and you can live with the possibilities that come with trying to tame it, then we'd love to make you something. We expect it to last a lifetime!  If your prefer a more controlled and engineered product that is totally predictable then we will understand...live edge furniture is not for everyone.


Shipping Damage & What to Expect When Your Piece Arrives

We go to great lengths to properly secure and ship your piece and our process has been refined over 6 years.  To date we have had 1 freight claim on larger items. Smaller items are often shipped using a ground carrier like FedEx. 

Items damaged during shipping will have to be addressed with the shipping agent used to deliver your order, please contact us as soon as possible, take photographs of the damaged area on both the table and the packaging.  Also, please hold onto the packaging as it will be useful to the claim and if we need to have the item returned.

Ground and Freight carriers deliver the product to your front door or in some cases they will place it in your garage. If you live in a high rise building the piece will be dropped at the reception desk or brought to a loading dock. We recommend a powered drill with Philips bit to make quick work of the crate and simple leg re-assembly.

Aesthetic Returns/Refunds

All returns must be sent to us no later than 30 days after receiving the original order.  The purchaser is responsible for return shipping costs. A full refund minus original shipping costs will be issued once we receive the order. Said refund of the item will be granted contingent on it arriving back to us in the way it was sent. (no scratches, stains, no use of any kind). We do not accept refunds on custom made items. We have had one item returned in over 6 years!

Guarantee/Disclaimer/Fine Print

All items made by elpis & wood have a full warranty.  This warranty covers all of the things we have control over. As described earlier we take pride in our workmanship and take all the precautions we can in crafting these custom products. That said, we use organic materials and can’t control everything a piece of organic material will do.  Every piece of wood goes through a process of acclimation to its environment much like you would if you were starting a new job.

There is a period of adjustment as the wood acclimates mainly to the moisture in the air. If changes occur some might see them as defects, we choose to see them as character, much like a wrinkle is to ageing.  We can’t control everything so we choose to see the beauty and hope you do to!  We also realize some folks won’t respond kindly to this so for those folks we don’t recommend purchasing this kind of furniture product.  We would prefer full disclosure and the possibility that it may prevent someone from buying a product from us, rather than having someone unhappy later.

What we don’t cover:
- New cracks or expanding cracks (Unless catastrophic)
- Finish Lightening/Ambering (Finish ages over time)
- Twisting
- Cupping
- Soft Spots/Voids/Knots (Don’t pick at it, we know its tempting.)
- Dancing On It (We wish we could cover this, maybe in our extended warranty)

What we do cover:
- Finish issues not related to use.
- Faulty metal work.
- Faulty wood joinery.
- Catastrophic structural defects.
- Anything blatantly not right.

As we see it elpis & wood tables are meant to be cherished but also used which will result in scratches, marring, dents and other amazing blemishes.  As time goes on the table itself will settle and grow more comfortable in it’s surroundings which can result in all types of natural characteristics that some might just see as defects. The good news is that your piece is solid wood and can be refinished when that time comes!