We craft unique furniture and decor from one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood pieces. Some people “see” objects in the natural patterns, cuts and knots formed in each piece. At elpis & wood, we see ourselves. We see our community. We see a world where what seems useless and discarded can be brought to life again with impeccable craftsmanship and intentionality.


Elpis is Greek for “hope,” and we hope that by giving new life to salvaged wood, elpis & wood lives out our reclamation story — for nature, for ourselves, and for others.  By doing this we give hope.


elpis & wood creates beautifully crafted furniture and décor made purely from salvaged wood. Most of the wood originates from our corner of America — the backroads and mills of the Pacific Northwest.

When you browse our online catalog or visit our wood shop/studio (which we
encourage), you’ll notice that the tables aren’t perfect. They’re dotted with knots, twists, and curved edges. But like so many other things in life, those imperfections lead to a perfect story: A story of reclamation and redemption.

Being active in the our own community, we pass on that good fortune and spirit to others. We donate a percentage of our sales to those who we feel align themselves with our story of reclamation. And we created Desk4Desk, a program in process whose goal is to provide desks for schoolchildren in Malawi for each desk we sell.  Click here to see more.

Philanthropy is an important part of elpis & wood, but the furniture is our top focus. And whichever piece you choose, you also get something free — a conversation starter.

Bring our work into your home and you’ll immediately notice that it attracts attention from guests. In a great way. Because each piece is so unique, and its provenance makes a great story you can tell. The history and character of reclaimed wood furniture, and your choice to embrace it, speaks volumes about what you truly appreciate both in your home and in our world.